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so good to meet you,

They say you’ll never work a day in your life when you’re doing what you love, and whoa, that couldn’t be truer. This floral business of mine gives me those little “ahh I can’t believe this is my life” butterflies almost daily and brings me the most happiness.


I can’t really pinpoint when or how floral came into my life, but if there’s one thing I know, this is what God has led me to do. I remember driving past the flower shop in my small hometown and expressing to my parents how fun that job sounds…. that’s where my love for floral design began-- in a little shop called the Posy Patch. From then I worked in a few other shops and designed bouquets for myself at home but really found my sweet spot in the wedding industry. Want to know a fun fact?! I had never designed any florals for a wedding AT ALL before my first hired wedding. I totally winged it through the entire process. Everything went so well that I knew wedding florals were meant for me.

I’d describe my design style as wild, bohemian, and earthy, but your wedding is really about YOU. I want your florals to speak directly to your soul and express who you are on your wedding day. Because this job is truly my passion, I put all my love into your florals. If you want to be my new coffee date and chat all things floral, let’s be friends! I’m excited to get to know you and your style!

with love,

kayly shae

kayly shae floral + design co

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